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Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II - 700c


A standard for road racing bike tires, the Continental Grand Prix 4000S II road bike tires are a fast-rolling, puncture-resistant, and lightweight option for those looking for a competitive edge. Black Chili Compound rubber provides better traction by 30%, a 26% reduction in rolling resistance, and adds an extra 5% in mileage. Made from liquid crystal polymer with a tensile strength five times higher than steel, a Vectran Breaker layer provides extremely lightweight puncture and tear resistance underneath your tread. Glass, wire, and other road debris won't be able to break through and ruin your ride. The tried and tested tread pattern provides extra traction in corners, and the smooth running surface results in the least possible friction for climbing and fast descending. Now available in a wide 28c width and in multiple colors, your Grand Prix 4000S II tires can match your bike and riding style. Multiple award-winning road racing tires Black Chili Rubber provides better traction, less rolling resistance, and longevity Vectrac Breaker polymer layer is stronger than steel, and stops punctures or tears Smooth running surface for efficiency Tread pattern offers added traction for cornering Available in wide 28c width New colors available to match your bike and style .

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